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What is Beauty Sleep?
Beauty sleep is a formula that has hydrolyzed collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, a mix of 5 vitamins and minerals and, in addition to all that, melatonin, which completes the daily dose of beauty and health. A composition that takes care of our beauty from the inside out and at the same time brings a light and peaceful night's sleep. For this product I really wanted real "beauty sleep".


✔ Zero Sugar ✔ Vitamins A, C, and E ✔ Hyaluronic Acid

✔ Lactose Free ✔ 0.21 Melatonin* ✔ Gluten Free


240g packaging yields up to 20 servings
Accompanied by dosing scoop.
12g (01 dosing scoop) + 150 ml of cold or ice water.
Take 1 hour before bedtime or as recommended by your doctor or nutritionist.


Collagen peptides, cocoa powder, coconut milk powder, Sodium Hyaluronate obtained by fermentation of Streptococcus zoopidemicus (hyaluronic acid), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), zinc bisglycinate (zinc), dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate ( vitamin E), retinyl acetate (vitamin A), melatonin, sodium selenite (selenium), flavorings identical to natural ones, silicon dioxide anti-wetting agent, xanthan gum thickener, steviol glycosides and thaumatin sweeteners.

Beauty Sleep Chocolate Flavor 240Gr

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