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Softgel food supplement capsule with highly concentrated algae oil from Schizochytrium sp., containing essential unsaturated fatty acids DHA. Softgel capsule made with vegan-friendly tapioca, not gelatin.  

DHA acid belonging to the omega-3 family is needed for a healthy brain and normal vision. While it’s widely known how useful omega-3 is in the body, many of us still struggle to get the right levels of it through our diets alone. Because of the kinds of foods, it’s found in (i.e., fish and seafood), vegans and vegetarians may find this even harder.

The appropriate number of omega-3 acids can be reached by supporting the diet with supplementation. Our vegan supplement is made from highly concentrated algae oil, a plant source rich in the essential unsaturated fatty acid, DHA. One soft gel a day provides 250 mg of this valuable acid to help increase the omega-3 level. Our Omega-3 VEGAN capsules are made with vegan-friendly tapioca, not gelatin, so our product is suitable for vegetarians and for vegans as well.  


Why would someone benefit from supplementing with Omega-3 VEGAN 250 mg DHA?
- Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and vision, and normal function of the heart. 


What is special about softgels Omega-3 VEGAN 250 mg DHA?
- Algae oil from a sustainable source.
- Contains a high level of unsaturated fatty acid DHA. 
- Highly purified algae oil produced according to GOED monograph (Global Organisation of EPA and DHA).
- Vegan soft capsule based on tapioca starch, without gelatin.
- Bottle made of BioPET (30% of the plastic comes from sugar cane).

Omega-3 Vegan, 250mg DHA - 60 vegan softgels

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